Tips & Tricks

Most people think baking takes a lot of time and effort (and it can!) But I like to keep things simple. Below are some of my tips and tricks to easier baking!

1. Boxed cake mixes are okay. Sometimes I use boxed cake mixes if I’m making large batches or if I am trying out a new icing recipe. I’ll often use a standard vanilla cake mix and top it with say – Nutella buttercream icing or put chocolate chips in the mix. There are lots of fun recipes out there if you just Google ‘Cake Mix Recipes’

2. This is a guilty secret of mine, but I rarely buy the high-name brand products like ‘Cadbury Cocoa’ or even use real butter. If margarine is on sale, I will buy it and use it for cookies or cupcakes. There are few occasions when the best-of-the-best products need to be used. I’m a student and while baking can be cheaper than buying actual treats -I still like to be thrifty.

3. One thing I would splurge on is good cake pans. It’s not necessary but it’s helpful!

4. Always always always grease your pans! I often use baking paper when I’m making cookies or brownies -but I don’t like how it can indent or misshape a cake. If I’m baking a cake I butter the pan then dust it with flour. The cakes never stick!

5. I often run out of certain ingredients or find I don’t have something when I’m about to start baking. I usually just Google search ‘Brownies with cocoa and oil’ if I don’t have chocolate or butter. Or ‘Cookies with self-raising flour’ if I’ve run out of plain flour.

6. On the other hand -if I have an excess of something that’s also a reason to bake! If oranges are on sale I’ll usually buy some and make an orange loaf, or if I have tons of apples or carrots I’ll make muffins! I don’t like to waste đŸ™‚

Post below if you have any questions!



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