Canada Day Party


Strawberry Shortcake Skewers

  1. For this recipe I baked an entire plain vanilla cake then got toothpicks and stuck half a strawberry on one end, a piece of cake in the middle, and the other half a strawberry on the other end. Once the cake is baked, wait until it cools then using your hands break the cake apart and mold together a piece for between two strawberries.

Jello Cups

  1. For this recipe I just filled up about a dozen cups half way with jello then topped them with whipping cream and a few raspberry candies. Depending on how big your party is, you will need more/less cups.

Cupcake Toppers can be found and printed here

  1. For the cupcakes I used the plain vanilla cake recipe then topped it with a whipping cream icing. I whipped the whipping cream, then put it in a piping bag with some red food colouring down one side of the piping bag.

Strawberry Punch

  1. For the punch I used equal parts white wine and equal parts sparkling water (or Sprite) and a can of strawberries. Add more sprite or wine depending on your taste.

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